Epperson Ranch and Lagoon


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      Green Space
      The eagle nest is located in a ±60 ft longleaf pine (Pinus plaustris). The nest tree is in an area of wooded pasture near the ranch residence. The nest was discovered by Epperson Ranch in 2004 during the wildlife surveys associated with the DRI process. The nest was active during the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 nesting seasons.   

      Epperson Ranch
      Proposed change in zoning for 1,516 Single-family detached, villas, townhouse and multii-family units on around  589 acres. They plan to  utilize golf carts as an alternative form of transportation between Epperson Ranch South and the Promenade Town Center

      Epperson Ranch Town Center

      towncenter640The Town Center will be on 102 acres and include 256 Townhouse unites, 200 multi-family unites, 209,000 square feet commercial, 50,00 sq ft Office and 100 hotel rooms.

      The entire ranch encompasses 1,752 +/-acres.



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