On Tuesday, September 30 Betty Burke, President of the Rotary Club of San Antonio,  Dolores Riego de Dios, Susan Robinson and Brenda Kelly delivered 35 Spanish/English dictionaries to the children and Margarita Roma, Executive Director of the Farmworker's Self-Help, Inc. .  The office is located on the Calle de Milagros (Locke Street) in Dade City.  The children were unbelievably enthusiastic at receiving these dictionaries.  We were shown around by Ms. Romo and an enchanting young man named Jose Amateco.  Jose proudly displayed the tilapia he is raising and the vegetables he has raised from seed and will be planting into the aquaponic beds shortly. 
On this visit, Margarita Roma explained the new Teen Dream Team Project which is on its way to fruition.   Then, the furnishing of the center begins.   Since many of the migrant farmers work late into the day creating latch key children, this will furnish an alternative for children after school. .  The center will offer tutoring, youth meetings, computer lab, reference library, cultural arts, and workshops on health, organizing skills, conflict resolution and anger management as well as fun activities.